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Overwatch legendary edition

Overwatch legendary edition
Genre Action & Shooter
DRM Blizzard
Device PC
Developer Blizzard Entertainment
Total ₹5,411.00

What is in the Legendary Edition?

Legendary Edition is an updated version of standard Overwatch game which comes with several new skins for players to choose from.

  • These include Epic skins (Carbon Fiber Genji, Pale Moira, Paragon Reinhardt, Winter Widowmaker, Shrike Ana),
  • Origins skins (Security Chief Pharah, Strike Commander Morrison Soldier: 76, Slipstream Tracer, Blackwatch Reyes Reaper, Overgrown Bastion)
  • Legendary skins (Okami Hanzo, Valkyrie Mercy, Police Officer D.Va, Mystery Man McCree, Fool Junkrat)

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